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Challenger Limited (Financial Services)

Challenger Limited is a listed investment management firm managing more than $54.2 billion in assets. Under the Challenger umbrella are a range of brands and products targeted at customers from individual Australians through to our largest institutions. In 2014, Challenger acquired the market-leading supplier of SMSF Actuarial Certificates, Bendzulla – which was rebranded Accurium. In 2014 Managility was chosen to implement a predictive customer analytics (PCA) program with the objective to reliably answer and predict the following questions:

  • What existing and proposed features do customers value?
  • How much are customers really willing to pay for different sets of features?
  • What trade-offs are customers are willing to make between quality, service and price?

The answers to all these questions are inside the heads of Accurium’s customers’ and prospective customers.
Historically, Challenger would have used a mixture of traditional research methods like qualitative surveys. They would have talked to customers, and listened to the input of their sales force.They would have developed one or more strategic options and tested them live in the market – at some expense and risk.

Challenger selected PCA because:

  • No alternative approach can match the precision and unambiguity of the answers it provides
  • It is very cost-effective
  • It takes a matter of weeks to complete
  • It allows testing of multiple concepts without the cost and risk of taking them to market and “seeing what happens.”


The entire project, from specification to the presentation of models and interactive simulators, took 5 weeks.

Managility produced used a choice modelling approach based on it’s PCA software for a number of segments that produced an interactive simulators to allow stakeholders to easily and quickly interrogate the models for a range of scenarios, such as the predicted market share of any given configuration and price, against one or more of competing options.

Actionable Insights

It was exactly identified which existing and proposed features are really valued by Accurium customers and how to configure and price a premium product which will out-perform lower-cost competition

The project also brought to light a number of features which are expensive to deliver but make very little difference to market share – because customers don’t value them

Managility PCA has delivered Challenger evidence-based decision support, to a level of precision that no alternative approach could hope to match.

The Accurium project has been a great success, and Challenger now looks to utilise PCA across their brands and business units.

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