Software Enabled Services

Despite what glossy marketing materials will tell you: effective business intelligence is not about just subscribing to a technology service. As with legal services, accountants etc. the know-how of a human expert at your side on an ongoing basis is a key factor to success. As a business owner you likely have better things to do than roaming software knowledge bases and watching technology education videos.

Managility SES packages provide you with a combination of the most powerful analytics platform in the market plus business intelligence expert services like:

  • Configuring reports & dashboards exactly to your needs
  • Integrating additional data sources required to run your business
  • Conducting ad hoc analysis for specific questions and
  • Running budgeting and forecasting processes (collecting, mapping information and compiling budgets that can be matched with your actuals)

Based on your requirements you decide what range of hourly services per month is required with the benefit that unused hours rollover and can be used up in peak periods like budget time. For further details please refer to the table below or start a conversation with one of our friendly online chat team.


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